The Time is Wright…..
Monday March 15th 2010, 6:17 pm
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The Time is Wright…

…for Michael Wright, that is. Since the launch of his online store, Michael has been threading his way to success. Creating buzz of the yarn-decked tees on Facebook, Twitter and his savvy blog, along with Michael’s creativity and dedication has earned the website over 80,000 hits in just it’s first month. Because of this massive demand for the autumn-toned Fall 2009 collection, Michael has been working tirelessly to conjure up new stitches and twists for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 season.

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection introduces updated colors and designs for Michael’s interweavings. He uses brighter elements to highlight the sharp contrast of each piece, which adds an edgier and bolder play on color. However, you will still see the same slim fit and “favorite sweater soft” feel in the collection’s vintage washed tees and the Ryan Hoodie, which is carefully distressed by hand to give texture and uniqueness to each zip up, a signature of the Michael Wright Collection.

Keeping on trend with the “green” movement, Michael has designed eco-friendly pieces as well. The Jerrell Hoodie, made from all organic, sustainable materials, will keep you looking fresh while bringing us one step closer to a greener earth. With Michael’s striking pops of color and smart choice of fabrics, you can bet you will Spring forward the Wright way in 2010.